SW906 Counter Balance Fitting

SW906 Counter Balance Fitting
For added convenience, Roller Shutter System is sold in various sizes in ready-pack packagings.
A unique product of the modern-age technology, the Roller Shutter System is an elegant answer that meets the demands of the latest market trends. It offers an ingenious spacesaving solution without sacrificing aesthetic appeal and practicality. With its superb design, it?s no wonder that this product has made its way into modern offices as well as into the various areas in home! With a little imagination, this versatile product can be cleverly applied in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even living areas. Flexible, easy to use and longlasting are just some of its extra features. for those who want to emphasize exclusivity and elegance without compromising on functionality, the Roller Shutter System offers the perfect solution.

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